All what you do in your life weather it is good or bad enter your mind n one act accordingly to one state of one mind, few days ago in a satsangh someone ask a question I feel that I am being used because I am beautiful n have nice voice what should I do ? If your mind is polluted by negativity or someone poison it how can you expect something's divine to awake from that mind , first you must be humble n let God be the centre of your life n your path , don't think of how beautiful I am n how wonderful is my voice because you should know that all this doesn't last for long today your skin is flawless tomorrow it will be full of wrinkles ,if u reach that stage? , today you have wonderful voice tomorrow all can be taken taken away , as God is the giver of all , don't take the outside gift which God has given you for granted as this is not who you are , realise that all the gift which God have given u , the body ,mind n intellect have been given to you to serve Him alone , only when you realise that then you can truly be happy but if you think that u r only the body then you are completely mistaken ,there is no one using you but you are abusing the gift God have given you for his service , knows how your mind is if it is stable n fix on the feet of the lord don't worry trust that all is in his hands nothing happen without him willing it but if your Ego is great n self centered then your mind will be in deep trouble as u will project your garbage of your mind which will never make you happy

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