We are so busy doing so many tasks in this world that we forget our real purpose for being here on earth , we r constantly running from one form of so called happiness to another one ,without stoping n asking am I really happy or I am just doing what all other people are doing or what others want us to do? Take a bit of time and reflect on that . Here what ever you do is through action n that is Karma it is in 4 types karma , akarma , vikarma n karma sanyas if one don't get to know these ,one gets deluded by Maya ,as Sri Giridhari ji says those whose mind is fix on me attain me ,only then will action remove all confusion from your mind , karma is what nature put on you , you don't have any choice but to accept as when a child is forced to have medicine the parent will use any tactic to give the child the #medicine for the good of the child itself so karma is not bad but one have to see the good into what comes ones way ,as God knows what is beneficial for each one of us n wants us to be nearer to him , Akarma is those who are always miserable n always unhappy they never want to know anything which will be good for them they think the world rotate around them only n that only they know what is right but in their knowing there is only pain n suffering for such people they follow only what their mind dictates to them , they are slaves of their mind , Vikarma is those who are useless ,who don't belived in anything don't have any control of their mind , they don't like to hear any good thing their mind is darkened completely by #negativity n completely #ignorant, they don't want to know about #God so they doom themselves #Karma sanyasa is when one #surrenders all to the #Lord at all times as he is the only one in ones life there is no one than him like the saints n sages in every action they see only the glory of the #supreme lord such person attains the supreme abode of the lord n never comes back here where as the other 3 either you go to heaven or hell for a short holiday there moment your #money in the form of punya merits is #exhausted then you will have to come back to earth so that you can get a chance to progress be wise my dear one let go of such cycles n hold strong to the feet of #Giridhariji as he is the only refuge of all souls

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