People think they are happy by doing something constantly most of the time the same routine of life or going work then going for holiday , how are people's happy in that way ? When you look in the eye it only sadness because one doesn't know what is true happiness n how to attain it so one keep looking for it in material of the world or in people's that's why there is saddness, all are running towards the shadow of happiness n fake oneself by the changes of the outside n called it happiness , love n ect , you can fake yourself but what you have inside will always come out when the true life shake you just like a bottle it may appear beautiful from the outside but what is inside of it that count doesn't mean if it is beautiful you can drink what is inside same what one see in the fakeness of people's joy is not real only when one long for true happiness then Giridhari shower his grace by bringing you on your spiritual path was that path is there path of acceptance first it teaches you that you must accept you how God made you , not only the outside but the really of your heart which only you n him knows , once you have done that all that is outside will not matter was the journey will be a journey of truth n real love it an inside journey which will reflect on the outside , n it not changing but growing with awareness towards something permanent happens what may happened in the outside but you are stable in all situations as you are yourself with God

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